More from the CleanAir ’55 Camp!

Kenny Davis, the man behind Kenny Davis Hot Rods in Arkansas, sent us these awesome pictures this morning to share with our readers. As you can see, Project CleanAir ’55 is pretty much all reassembled after being painted the last few weeks by Kenny and his team. The car is sitting pretty on that Ironworks chassis that’s for sure!

Now that the paint is on and the emissions-legal LS3 E-Rod motor is mounted back in the engine bay, it’s off to the Recovery Room this week for upholstery before heading back West to Rodger Lee and the team at Ironworks Speed & Custom for final assembly.

The car, which will serve as the 2011 Grand Prize Giveaway, will make its grand debut at the 2nd Spring Nationals, March 11, 12 & 13 at Westworld in Scottsdale!

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