Pozzi, Camaro Performers Win 4th Annual Editor’s Shootout AutoCross

Tire smoke, broken cars and lots of laughs highlighted the 4th annual Goodguys Editor’s Shootout AutoCross today at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. In all, 16 performance automotive editors battled it out on the tight course, turning in 3 laps in 3 different cars in an effort to record the best average time.

The cars donated for this year’s event included the Hotchkis Performance ’68 Plymouth Roadrunner, James Shipka’s Optima Batteries sponsored ’68 Camaro and the Ridetech ’68 Mustang. The first incident of the day happened on the very first lap when Goodguys Gazette editor Kirk Jones took out the finish line timing equipment in a full sideways drift in the Ridetech ‘Stang (his fist pumping hi in the air). The front trim sustained minor damage but nothing too serious. The real carnage happened midway through the competition when LSXtv.com’s Paul Huizenga literally smoked the clutch right out of Shipka’s Canada based ’68 Camaro leaving the starting line. Detroit Speed’s Stacey Tucker stepped up to donate their ’63 Chevy II but on its first lap, a rear sway bar failed. Kyle Tucker ran back to the rig and gathered up their ’70 Camaro to let the remaining editor’s finish out the Chevy laps (the competition mandated that each editor log a lap in a Chevy, Ford and a Mopar).

When the radiator’s stopped glowing and the clutch discs had stopped burning, it was Camaro Performers contributing columnist Mary Pozzi who won this year’s event with an average lap time of 34.205. Just two one hundredths of a second behind Pozzi was Car Craft’s Jeff Smith followed by last year’s winner Nick LiCata. Rounding out the top five was bangshift.com’s Chad Reynolds and Wes Drelleshak of Classic Trucks.

Pozzi, an 11-time solo national champion in SCCA Autocross competition, and writer of the the “One Good Turn” column was thrilled to win but was impressed with the times of her competitors. ‘I’ve attended all of these Editor’s Shootouts and this was by far the most competitive,” she said. “I’d like to thank the sponsors as well as the companies who donated their cars for this – it was a blast! I’d also like to thank Goodguys for holding the AutoCross events.. It gets people into the event a lot more than sitting in a lawn chair. This was great!”

The final times, comprised of each competitor’s 3 lap average are listed below. We’ll be back to do it again in 2012!

Goodguys 4th annual Editor’s Shootout AutoCross:

1. Mary Pozi, Camaro Performers – 34.205
2. Jeff Smith, Car Craft Craft – 34.245
3. Nick LiCata, Camaro Performers – 34.445
4. Chad Reynolds, Bangshift.com – 35.257
5. Wes Drelleshak, Classic Trucks – 35.728
6. Mark Gearhardt, StangTV – 36.007
7. Sean Haggai, Chevy Hi-Performance – 36.139
8. Johnny Hunkins, Popular Hot Rodding – 36.614
9. Doug Glad, Car Craft – 36.844
10. Kirk Jones, Goodguys Gazette – 36.852
11. Steven Rupp, Camaro Performers – 37.238
12. Robert McGaffin, Popular Hot Rodding – 37.915
13. Kevin Shaw, Street Legal TV – 40.298
14. Paul Huizenga, LSX TV — 41.434
15. Courtney Halowell, Drive! Magazine – 41.711
16. Travis Noack, Muscle Car Power – 47.401

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