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Did You Know?

The Goodguys Rod & Custom Association has a LOT going on over at Facebook these days! All you need to do is visit our Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/goodguysrodandcustom to get in on the fun! If you don’t have a Facebook account don’t sweat it. It’s super easy and takes less than 3 minutes to create one!

Lately, we’ve been running a weekly Facebook contest where we randomly select one lucky Goodguys Facebook follower per week to win a “Goodguys Starter Pack” which includes: one (1) Goodguys t-shirt, one (1) Goodguys hat and one (1) copy of the latest edition of “Goodguys Gazette”. You can get all the details on the contest here: http://www.good-guys.com/facebook.aspx

On event weekends such as the recent 19th Lonestar Nationals in Fort Worth we started running live event Facebook promotions where participants and spectators at the event could follow-us in real-time for a chance to win Goodguys merchandise and other great prizes! Some of the prizes included a ride in a Team Texas Stock Car and official Goodguys merchandise! How cool is that?

Besides checking in here on Hot News, fans of Goodguys can also visit our official Facebook page for the latest Goodguys news, updates and photos from our shows and special events. We’re always interacting with our page subscribers and there is a lot of content that you can’t get anywhere else.

Right now we’re at 17,153 followers and as our Facebook numbers continue to grow, more exclusive promotions will be added to the mix so click on over to www.facebook.com/goodguysrodandcustom and click the “Like” button! You’ll be glad ya did!

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