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WIX Filters Wants to Hear from Charlotte Award Winners!

If you or anyone you know won an award at the Goodguys 2011 Southeastern Nationals at Charlotte Motor Speedway, WIX Filters would like to hear from you!

In effort to extend a new WIX advertising campaign, they would love to have Goodguys Charlotte award winners tell us their most intriguing stories around their passion for engines. Wix would like film a few Charlotte award winners telling their tale in their own environment — at home, on the farm, at work, etc. These stories would then be shared with the world in 2012 via both radio spots and online videos. Why? Because, like you, WIX Loves Engines.

If you’d like participate in the new WIX ad campaign and be featured in a commercial, please take a moment to answer the questions below and send them to Bradford Hood via e-mail. He can be reached here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be sure and include your name, car type (year, make, model) and all of your contact information.


1. How would you describe your passion for engines?

2. Did any relationship or big moment occur that shaped how you feel about cars and their engines? Maybe somebody encouraged your passion?

3. Are there any relationships or interesting stories that have occurred in your life because of your interest in engines?

4. How has your fondness for engines changed or affected your life?

5. How have engines helped you? What have you been able to accomplish or overcome due to engines?

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