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Street Challenge Autocross a Big Hit at Summer Get-Together!

This past weekend’s 16th Summer Get-Together featured the first-ever Street Challenge Autocross held at a Pleasanton Goodguys event and the result was a resounding success! Over seventy cars made runs throughout the weekend. At any given time there were literally thousands of people surrounding the course cheering wildly as the cars charged the course. Eleven time SCCA Champion Mary Pozzi logged the weekend’s quickest time behind the wheel of her red ’73 Camaro pushing it to a 36.621 which drove the crowd crazy. In the Vendor category it was Mike Maier and the Maier Racing ’66 Mustang taking home the trophy.

Other popular entries included Mike Hodges and his two-time Goodguys OC Get-Together-winning 2004 Corvette (who placed a close second to Pozzi with a 36.703) as well as the new Hotchkis Racing ’70 Dodge Challenger which looged a 38.136. When that car gets dialed in it will be a sure contender for event wins.

Perhaps the guy who had the most fun was Willie Taitano who took his long, low and way cool ’61 Caddy through the course at least ten times logging a best run of 45.956.

Official Results:
Street Machine Winner: Mary Pozzi -’73 Camaro – 36.621
Vendor Class Winner: Mike Maier – Maier Racing – ‘66 Mustang 37.022

Below are some various pictures to enjoy. As you can see – there was a great variety of machines competing!

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