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Artist Dave Bell Has Passed Away

-Dave Bell

Hot rod artist Dave Bell whose humorous black & white cartoon’s filled the pages of industry magazines and posters for decades has passed away. Bell’s unique style was revered by hot rodders and motorcyclists worldwide. He had the unique ability to incorporate hot rodding’s colorful characters, their cars and the latest trends into his art. He contributed a monthly cartoon/column called “Henry Hirise” to STREET RODDER MAGAZINE among others, leaving readers eager to see what he’d draw and talk about next. He worked on numerous projects for Goodguys over the years and was a great fan of the late Goodguy Bill Burnham.

Bell suffered a heart attack on April 18th and while in the hospital was diagnosed with brain cancer. “Dave was an integral part of our industry and STREET RODDER magazine since its inception,” said SRM editor Brian Brennan. “He never missed a deadline in all those years. He was a great guy, had a great personality and an incredible talent that made STREET RODDER better. We will miss a good friend of 40 years…”

-Bell's unique art was an industry staple for more than 4 decades

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