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Eric Black Wins Goodguys C-10 Giveaway Truck Design Contest!

-Designer Eric Black submitted the winning rendering for the Goodguys 2014/2015 Grand Prize Giveaway Truck - a 1970 Chevy C-10

Designer Eric Black of E Black Design (www.eblackdesign.com) was voted in as the winner of the Goodguys 2014/2015 Giveaway Truck Design Contest! The contest, which ran on good-guys.com the entire month of May featured a perspective design of a ‘70 Chevy C 10 pickup from 16 of the industry’s top artists and designers. Black’s amazing rendering, featuring a sleek, low, traditionally inspired blue truck won in a unanimous decision.

Design elements include a recessed grill & headlights, side exit exhaust, raised bumpers, reduced drip rail, custom scalloped side trim and many other subtleties. The striking color is a modern take on mid 60s Lindale blue. As you can see from Black’s rendering, the wheels are Billet Specialties Bonneville-G series wrapped in red striped rubber. The interior will be an orange/red two-tone blend with other neutral colors.

Bringing Black’s vision to life will be Rodger Lee and his team at Ironworks Speed & Kustom. Lee will utilize one of his new C-10 chassis as the truck’s foundation. A GM LS small block and Hughes 4L60E transmission will power the truck. The Lindale Blue will come from PPG. The truck will make its debut at the Goodguys 17th PPG Nationals in Columbus, OH July of 2014 then be given away at the 18th PPG Nationals in July of 2015.

Though he’s not new to design by any means, Black is a relative newcomer to the custom car and motorcycle design scene. While he’s been drawing cars since he could hold a pencil, he just recently made the leap to automotive design full-time.  He used to weave automotive design work in with his day job in architecture.  The Goodguys C-10 project was his very first as a full time automotive designer thus it holds a special place for him. Black, who resides with his family in Portland, Oregon, said “I can’t wait to get down to Ironworks in Bakersfield to see the project come to life. I’m absolutely stoked that the voters agreed with my little idea and that this pickup will be built, especially with the fact that it’s in the skilled hands of Rodger Lee and the crew at Ironworks Speed and Kustom.”

Black is particularly fond of the Chevy C-10 models saying “I think the GM designers hit the nail on the head with the stock design of this truck. What was a clearly pragmatic approach to the design of a pickup truck meant simplicity and that adds up to a vehicle that is easy to customize with little intervention.  In my opinion, all that is necessary to create an awesome ride from one of these trucks is to use restraint.  You can go a long ways with a little massaging of some key elements, a nudge here and there and a careful combination of stance, wheels and tires” he said.

Stay tuned right here to Hot News for project updates. To see what Eric Black is up to, browse on over to www.eblackdesign.com

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