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Three Days in One – a Look Back at the Goodguys 11th Midwestern Nationals

The Goodguys 11th Midwestern Nationals held last weekend at Kansas Speedway featured a little of everything! Remnants of tropical storm Issac ended a 3 month drought which was great news for local farmers but not so good for the event. However, Sunday dawned bright and sunny and the weekend finished on a real high note combining three days worth of pent up excitement into one big blowout of a day!

For the first time in the event’s decade long history, the entire weekend’s festivities were held outside the main oval. The new layout, the new look and feel really worked out well. Even the Goodguys AutoCross looked right at home outside the oval.

-Dave Jordan took home a Dave Lane Builder's Choice award with his trick '41 Willys roadster. Jordan also got a Builder's Choice award for his '59 Chevy Pickup

One of the things we’ve grown accustomed to over the years is the fact that the plain states (Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Iowa and Nebraska) produce some of the top cars in the world. Builder Dave Lane (who was on hand to make the Builder’s Choice picks) can attest to that as 8 of the 10 Builder’s Choice award winners were from Plain States.

We’ll come back and do it all over again in 2013 for the Goodguys 12th Midwestern Nationals! Hope to see you next year.

For a complete list of all 11th Midwestern Nationals award winners click here

For the 11th Midwestern Nationals AutoCross results click here

-Kyle Tucker drove the Detroit Speed '69 Camaro Test Car to the PRO class win in Goodguys AutoCross competition. His best time was a 39.27

-The Vintage Air Custom Rod of the Year Finalist award from Kansas went to Jim & Judy Lippert's '67 Chevy Nova built by Bright-Built Hot Rods. The car was finished Thursday

-4 year old Blayne Stark built this yellow '69 Camaro in the Revell Model Car Make & Take

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