2009 Truck of the Year-Late Winner!

Kirk Johnson’s silver ’68 Ford truck from Sacramento, California has been selected as the winner of the Goodguys Truck of the Year-Late award. The award honors a 1953 through 1972 vintage tricked out truck.

Kirk is the second owner of this killer 60’s pick ‘em up and he has owned it over thirty years. It was his high school truck back in the day and oh baby has it come a long way! It was given a five star make over by Roseville Rod & Custom with many modifications that slip right past the eye.

For starters, the rear of the cab has been leaned forward to match the door post, all the seams have been smoothed, the fenders were brought in flush with the hood, the tailgate was modified, the doors have been re-skinned to eliminate the lower rocker. The grille was sectioned 1” to accommodate the reworked fenders, the bumpers were modified and the list goes on!

Power is a 428 Cobra Jet backed by a C6 transmission and a Currie 9” on a four-link out back. TCI front suspension, rack & pinion steering and Wilwood discs round out the chassis. The extra trick wheels are 18 and 20-inchers from Evod Industries.

Inside the cab, the dash pad was pulled out and the dash smoothed accordingly with a recessed center section. AutoMeter gauges sit in a custom cluster and the steering wheel was made in England for an AC Cobra. Dave Putnam covered the ’91 Acura Legend seats and other interior components in black leather.

The end result is a stunner of a truck and ya just don’t see late 60s Ford pickups this nice! Congrats to Kirk and the Roseville Rod & Custom team! The runner up finalists for this year’s Truck of the Year-Late award included Kevin & Karen Bahr, Defiance, MO (1956 Ford), Iron Works Speed, Bakersfield, CA (1957 Chevy), Les Allen, Arlington, WA (1956 Chevy), Greg Panosh, Manchester, IA (1953 Chevy) and Terry Temples, Alpharetta, GA (1959 Chevy).

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