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Celebrate Sunday Morning Services With Goodguys!

Goodguys is proud to present all new Sunday Morning Rodder’s Church Services this 2013 season. You’ll notice new faces, new music and fresh new faith-based Christian messages each Sunday at every Goodguys event across the country! This new approach to a time honored Goodguys Sunday morning tradition features new chaplains and congregations based in local event markets, furthering our effort to support and reach out to local communities. So far the new Sunday morning services have been amazing!

Goodguys has always strongly believed in non-denominational Sunday morning services, open to all faiths to celebrate GOD, each other and family style hot rodding so naturally we’re excited for this new season! We hope to see you at one of these great services soon! Remember – Goodguys Sunday Morning Rodder’s Church Services are held @ 10am each event-Sunday!

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