Goodguys ’32 Tribute Giveaway Car…Carries on Decades-Long Hot Rodding Tradition

The Goodguys ’32 Tribute Giveaway Car, built as a near-exact replica of Gary Meadors’ iconic yellow deuce Tudor (which has stood as the Goodguys logo car for 3 decades), has been a popular sight at Goodguys National events around the country this year. Designed and built by Dave Kindig and the Kindig-It Design team in Salt Lake City, Utah the bright yellow hi-boy sedan will be given away to a lucky Goodguy or gal at the Goodguys 17th PPG Nationals July 11-13, 2014 in Columbus, Ohio.

Recently, the Route 2 Media film crews had a chance to feature the new car, take a look back at the original car and sit down the men behind both yellow deuce tudor’s. Featured in the video below are Goodguys’ founder Gary Meadors, Goodguys President Marc Meadors, project coordinator Ed Capen, Sam Foose, Dick Magoo, George Poteet (who donated the all steel body for the tribute) and of course ’32 Tribute builder Dave Kindig.

It’s a great look back at how the Meadors’ deuce began and how the legacy is being carried on today in the form of a spectacular giveaway car!

Click here to enter to win the car!

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