Hot Rod of the Year Title Up for Grabs at Speedway Nationals

-Last season's Hot Rod of the Year - Tom Gloy's 1932 Ford roadster

-Last season’s Hot Rod of the Year – Tom Gloy’s 1932 Ford roadster

The Goodguys 2013 Tank’s Hot Rod of the Year award is up for grabs at the 3rd Speedway Nationals, September 20-22 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This award isn’t only won… it’s earned! How do you enter the competition and how do you qualify? Here’s a complete look at the award, the criteria, how to enter and the method used to determine the winner.

Goodguys 2013 Tank’s Hot Rod of the Year
Presented at: 3rd Speedway Nationals, Sept 20-22, Indianapolis, IN
Who’s Eligible: Hot Rods 1948 & earlier
Basic Criteria: It makes noise; it’s regularly street driven, has attitude and screams “Hot Rod.” No cream puffs!
How to Enter/Details: Cars interested in competing for this award need to enter the “Hot Rod of the Year” staging area in the lot adjacent to the registration tent (near the Museum), Friday morning, Sept. 20 at 10am. The hot rods will then take a 53-mile trip north to “A Summer Place” (‘50s style diner and theme park) in Sharpsville for lunch. From “A Summer Place” the contestants will take the 45-mile trip over to Muncie Dragway in Albany, Indiana for the required 1/8th mile drag strip fun runs (Times and speeds posted during the drag & brag will not determine the overall winner but style points do count!). From Muncie Dragway, all contestants will take the 75-mile trip back to the Speedway. On Saturday, September 21st all Hot Rod of the Year contestants will park together for the day. The selection committee will look over the cars to determine the five finalists. The top five finalists will be announced Saturday afternoon. For Sunday’s awards ceremony, the five finalists will be parked together inside the winner’s circle. The winner will be announced at the conclusion of the Sunday awards ceremony.

If you’ve got a ’48 or older hot rod that makes noise, looks good and has a bad attitude, why not enter the competition for the Goodguys 2013 Tank’s Hot Rod of the Year Competition!

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