Goodguys 2013 Truck of the Year wins Barrett Jackson Cup in Reno

-The Barrett-Jackson Cup winner...Alan Beers' '57 Chevy Pickup

-The 2nd annual Barrett-Jackson Cup winner…Alan Beers’ 1957 Chevy pick up.

Alan Beers’ 1957 Chevy pickup, the Goodguys 2013 LMC Truck Parts Truck of the Year Late, won the 2nd annual Barrett-Jackson Cup last weekend at the Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada. Though the truck has been on the show circuit for more than 18 months, it edged out this season’s hottest rides.

The four runner-up finalists for the ‘Cup included Don Smith’s 1932 Ford Fordor (Goodguys 2014 Street Rod of the Year winner), Wes Rydell’s 1935 Chevy Phaeton (Goodguys 2014 Street Rod d’Elegance), JF Launier’s 1964 Buick (2014 Ridler winner) and Steve Tornari’s 1967 Nova (Goodguys 2014 Street Machine of the Year winner).

The truck’s builders Jason and Jim Smith of the Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs, Oklahoma worked on the truck five straight years before finishing it and putting it onto the show circuit back in March of 2013.

Modifications include a 3-inch chop, flush-mounted glass, a pie-cut hood, a reshaped nose, and a modified front bumper. Greening Auto Company custom-machined many of the truck’s parts, including the trick taillights and steering wheel. The paint is Sherwin Williams Quicksilver and Tungsten.

Underneath, the custom frame runs Fatman Fabrications suspension, a Ford 9-inch rearend, Bilstein coilovers, and 15-inch Baer rotors with custom-machined calipers by Greening. Greening also whittled the 20 and 22-inch wheels! Power is a 540ci built by Chaz Rose with vintage 1960s Crower fuel injection that’s been converted to modern EFI. It’s backed with a GearStar 4L60E transmission.

Chuck Rowland at CAR Upholstery in in Tulsa crafted the interior using raspberry leather, one-off seats, and Classic Instruments gauges with Greening-machined bezels in the custom dash.

In winning, Beers walked away with $30,000 as well as another $22,000 in prizes. The selection committee for the 2014 Barrett Jackson Cup included So Cal Speed Shop’s Pete Chapouris, Bob Millard of the ISCA and Bobby Alloway.

-The confetti flew in Reno as Beers and builder Jason Smith collected $30k for the win

-The confetti flew in Reno as Beers and builder Jason Smith collected $30k for the win

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