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On a Mission – Goodguys Goodtimes come to Haiti

Thanks to some special Goodguys and gals, the children of Haiti have become Goodguys in their own right. Through the charitable efforts of the Westerville, Ohio based Lifeline Christian Mission, Goodguys has had the fortune of donating gifts, tee shirts and hats to school kids in some of Haiti’s remote mountain schools.

Goodguys first met the folks at Lifeline Christian Mission through one of their Charlotte, North Carolina churches. While helping work event registration at the Southeastern Nationals a numbers of year back, the folks from Lifeline told us about their outreach program which includes aid and service to Haiti, El Salvador and Cuba.

The Goodguys team felt perhaps our colorful shirts adorned with images of hot rods and customs would go a long way in spreading good cheer in earthquake and hurricane ravaged Haiti.

As you can see from the photos, the merchandise brought smiles to the Haitian’s! All of us at Goodguys would like to thank the Lifeline team for their generosity, courage and service! To find out more about Lifeline Christian Mission or assist them on a project, visit them online here: http://www.lifeline.org/index.html

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