Why do I get a Password Invalid error?

This may be for a few reasons: 

  • You are using an old password. When the new Digital Gazette notice goes out on the 5th of the month to all subscribers, the previous link and password are no longer valid. You must use the newest link and password information each month. 
  • Your caps lock is on. The passwords are always lowercase and never include numbers.
  • Mistyping the password. We do our best to choose passwords with letters that are not possibly interchangeable with like letters. Ex i's and l's
  • Copy & Pasting. If you copy & paste you may be copy with an extra space included. Also, some browsers reject copy & paste for password fields. Try typing it in. 
  • Browser Cache. If your browser stores login information for you, it may be trying to refer to the previous month's info. Clear your browser cache. NOTE - Because there are various browsers we suggest you Google "How To Clear (YOUR BROWSER) Browser Cache" if you do not know how to do this. 

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