Goodguys Missile '71 Challenger Giveaway Car

challenger giveaway promotion

(Standing in for Cabral was Dale Daly, Chaplain of the Christian Rodder’s Association.)

Tracy, California’s Doug Cabral has won the Goodguys Missile Grand Prize Giveaway Car! Cabral – a 17 year Goodguys member and P-Town Pushrods Car Club Member was shocked when he got the call from Goodguys telling him he’d won the super muscle car. “I did what” he said.

He was not able to attend today’s giveaway ceremony in Scottsdale due to an ear condition which precludes him from flying. He qualified to win the car at the All American Get-Together in Pleasanton back in March. Giveaway contest rules state you must be in attendance at the awards ceremony at which you’re drawn as a finalist but you do not have to be present at the year-end giveaway ceremony to win.

Standing in for Cabral at today’s ceremony was Dale Daly, Chaplain of the Christian Rodder’s Association. Daly held the 14th out of 20 key fob’s and when he straddled into the Recaro driver’s seat, his key fob started the car for the big win! Many finalists came from all over the country to take part in the ceremony.

“I’m gonna drive the wheels off of it” screamed Cabral when asked what his plans were for the car. “My wife Esther and I are so grateful to Goodguys and RPM Hot Rods for producing this spectacular giveaway car.” Cabral currently drives a ’34 Ford coupe to Goodguys events in Pleasanton. He is a Vietnam War veteran and spends a considerable amount of his time volunteering to support veterans and veteran’s activities.

Built by RPM Hot Rods – the Goodguys Missile was designed by Steve Stanford. Its design cues were taken from Don Carlton’s legendary “Motown Missile” Cuda that was used primarily on America’s drag strips in the 1970s. It features a Roadster Shop chassis, 426 hemi by Indy Cylinder Heads, Billet Specialties wheels, PPG paint among many other goodies from industry suppliers.

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