Hot rodders have been bucking authority and conventional wisdom for decades. There’s no reason for that to stop now. In the case of this collection of automotive artists’ renderings, we’re challenging the perception that post-’72, Malaise-Era American cars can’t be cool. These illustrations are all the more timely as we near the 2018 event season and the welcoming of vehicles through 1987 at Goodguys national events.

Some of our favorite automotive artists came through in a big way with renderings showing just how much potential this next generation of American cars can have. Their visions run the gamut from relatively simple concepts that can be achieved with paint, stance and wheels, to more radical projects benefiting from substantial mechanical upgrades and sheet metal surgery. Look at their offerings and see if they don’t get your creative, wrench-turning juices flowing. We think you’ll agree that the light on the other side of 73rd Street is looking brighter all the time.