Each and every Goodguys event has its own distinct feel. Sometimes it’s based on region – we tend to see more customs at the East Coast Nationals in Rhinebeck, for instance, or more pickups at the Lone Star Nationals in Texas. For the most part, the Heartland Nationals in Des Moines is known for its variety – a wide range of everything. Among the thousands of cars, though, we can always count on a great showing of the quintessential hot rod – the ’32 Ford.

Deuces are plentiful at many Goodguys events, of course, but the Deuce Doins parking area in Des Moines – coordinated for years with the help of the Midwest Deuces – always amazes us. There are typically dozens of ’32s in attendance – and that’s just those that choose to gather in the special parking area. For fans of these iconic hot rods, it’s definitely a sight to behold.

We had it all in the Deuce Doins parking area, including Jerry Killberg’s 3-inch chopped ’32 Ford phaeton with a ’56 Buick Nailhead engine nestled in the owner-built chassis. The steel body is finished with Geo Green PPG paint, while Kalihara vinyl upholstery covers the interior soft parts.

If you want authentic old school, look no further than Noel Mauer’s “Little Green Time Machine” ’32 Ford. Originally built in the ’60s, the chopped and channeled time capsule has plenty of vintage charm, including a clear hood top showcasing the triple deuces topping the Offenhauser-headed Flathead.

The Deuce Doins area at this year’s 27th Speedway Motors Heartland Nationals was as strong as ever – filled to the brim with great examples of hot rod Deuces. We captured a sampling to share with you here, but would encourage any ’32 lover to come check them out in person when possible – either at next year’s Heartland Nationals, or at a Deuce Doins parking area at just about any other event on the Goodguys calendar. Enjoy!

Bonus Deuce Photo Gallery

Photos by Steven Bunker and Damon Lee