El Mirage Dry Lake has a long and glorious history in hot rodding. It’s a special place where man, woman, and machine throw caution to the wind in pursuit of speed. How did this happen?

Southern California Timing Association born in 1937, is an association of seven car clubs that banded together to legitimize racing on the dry lakes. Initially these intrepid pioneers of hot rodding met and raced at Muroc dry lake; however, Hitler and Tojo had other plans, and Muroc became a military base and has been ever since. Today the SCTA, the oldest sanctioned racing body in the United States, races at El Mirage dry lake, just a hop, skip and jump from Los Angeles. The November meet, like any other given year was the last event of the season.

We had our man Mike Harrington out to El Mirage as they closed their 2017 season. CLICK HERE to see Mike’s awesome, dusty, dry lake feature photos!