Friday, September 30 – It’s a wrap! Our 1,700 mile, 7-day adventure is over. The Goodguys 2016 Hall of Fame Road Tour was by far the largest one to date with 75 cars and 150 friends blasting and bonding down America’s highways. Taking a 1,700-mile road trip with seven nights in hotels is a journey in itself. Do it in a hot rod and the fun factor is amplified times ten.

Today’s Texas tromp found us at the car collections of longtime hot rodder Don Smith and dear friend and fellow tourist Wayne Davis. While Smith’s collection is heavy on deuces, Davis’ place is filled with classics from decades of collecting and car auction horse tradin’. Both were over the top!

We then drove north and entered Texas Motor Speedway to widespread applause. The warm welcome made us feel like kings of the road. The journey, our journey, had reached its final furlong. Just like the silver screen, it was a happy ending.

2016 Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour

Parting Shot…To all participants, sponsors, tour stop hosts and support trucks we thank you for making the Goodguys 2016 Hall of Fame Road Tour the best yet! Truly an unforgettable experience!

What we learned on tour:
This road trip taught us a lot. The first thing that comes to mind is just how many thriving companies and rod shops our industry has. Every facility we visited was stacked with cars in-progress, large-scale performance parts production, and evolving technology. Our hot rod industry has never seen days like this. Business is simply booming.

We also learned that our fraternity of fast friends is a tightly bonded brotherhood. Spending seven days together flogging our high-performance machines created a bond like no other. Getting to know each other over morning coffee, friendly highway jousts and throttle stomps, and nightly hotel parking lot parties have us all on a close-knit, first name basis. We are truly a family.

That bond was further solidified by the helpful hot rod shops, willing to do whatever it took to get a few of our ailing machines back up and on the road. They offered their expertise, shop equipment, and helping hands free of charge. Where else do you find that? And through it all, our rolling safety support trailers, driven by Danny Burrow and the Kaiser family, gave us an added feeling of security to pick us up when parts failed. The support trailers were supplied by two of hot rodding’s most prolific philanthropists – our hats are off to George Poteet and Harold and Tracy Chapman for their generosity.

To all 16 of our tour stops and hosts – we thank you from the bottom of our stomachs. The meals and hospitality you provided made us feel like family. We are forever grateful to you all. To our official tour sponsors Sprayway and Griot’s Garage, we thank you for your alliances and support.

We now turn our sites toward the culmination of our journey – three perfect days in the great state of Texas at this weekend’s Goodguys Lone Star Nationals. If you can, come out to Texas Motor Speedway and meet the men and women who made this year’s Hall of Fame Road tour the best one yet.