Thursday, September 29 – Another beautiful sunny morning drive, another fun day with hot rod friends. This year’s Hall of Fame Road Tour is like the gift that keeps on giving. From historic, Vicksburg, Mississippi, our group thundered further west crossing the mighty Mississippi River on our way to Texas via Louisiana. Our trip is in its final stages with the Texas Motor Speedway finish line in sight.

Mostly a driving day, the group had the option to visit the sprawling Horseshoe Casino outside Bossier City, Louisiana or do their own sightseeing. Serving the Shreveport/Bossier City area, the Horseshoe Casino features the best odds, biggest jackpots, and highest table limits at any gambling hall in the Bayou State. We left with lighter pockets but had fun pulling the one armed bandits, having lunch, and shopping the casino mall.

last supper at crawdaddy's kitchen in Shreveport, LA

Our last supper on tour! We have made our way to world famous Crawdaddy’s Kitchen in Shreveport, Louisiana for some serious Cajun food. They closed the entire joint just for us!

Dinner was served at Crawdaddy’s Kitchen just up the road in Shreveport where remaining Road Tour participants gathered for good eats. Tail-suckin’, étouffée-eatin’, gumbo-slurpin’ Cajun cuisine was served up in massive quantities offering a taste of New Orleans. It was the perfect “last supper” gathering for the group.

We bunked down for the night in Longview, Texas for our penultimate hotel parkin’ lot party. Tomorrow we wrap up our epic adventure. With so many raucous road miles under our belt, this evening’s gallery mostly features some of our favorite driving shots during our week long journey. Ya gotta drive ’em!

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