In this author’s opinion, Model A Ford’s make the best hot rods. While the Deuce may be king for most baby boomers and graybeards, if you ask me, the Model A has better aesthetics, and just looks the best of all the hot rods. It’s also quite versatile. Chop it. Don’t chop it, slap on steelies, white walls and bias ply tires. Any paint looks good or don’t paint it at all. Run it hot rodded or run it stock. With the hood sides and hood removed you’ve got room for any engine combo you may want to run. Plus, the A is more appealing to a broader demographic and easier to start a project with than a deuce.

From the factory, the A Model A still retained the squared top and roof and rawness of an early Ford. While the deuce was more refined with sweeping curves and rounded corners, the A-bone was more of an everyman’s rod and certainly plentiful in junkyards across America. With their mass production numbers, Model A’s, especially ’31 coupes, were available for a song.

We see them everywhere each event season and it seems like more and more appear every year. You can also buy a remanufactured Model A from Brookville Roadster! We love ‘em and appreciate each and every A-bone that rolled through the Goodguys event gates in 2016. Here are 30 of our favorites!