VDO instruments, manufacturer and supplier of OE-engineered instruments and replacement parts for custom cars and trucks, introduces two new high-performance tachometers that are easy to install and even easier to read. The new VDO tachs are available in either a white dial face with a silver bezel or a black onyx face with black bezel.

The VDO Xtreme tachometer works with a range of engines that could have anywhere between two to ten cylinders and multiple ignition coils. The Xtreme is programmable and has an extended range of 12,000 rpm. For hot rodders and racers that analyze their runs, there is a 90 and 360 memory recall function that replays the tach’s operation. The replay speed and be viewed in ‘real time’ speed and slow motion (1/4 speed). The advanced shift light is switchable between a traditional shift light or pulsing backlight to indicate the specified shift point.

The VDO PRT tachometer has a zero to 10,000 rpm range and can be configured to 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines. It has a resettable shift point and a built-in shift light indicator. The sharp-looking housing is designed with a low-profile housing with a shallow installation depth. This means less space is required to fit the tach and more likely to fit in a variety of mounting options and positions.

VDO PRT Tachometers

About VDO Instruments
Whether it’s a street rod, muscle car, tuner, custom vehicle or kit car, VDO Instruments offer enthusiasts a wide choice of styles and sizes, easy installation, unprecedented performance capabilities, and most importantly, VDO design, quality, and reliability.

VDO instruments deliver world-class quality and innovation and are legendary for their superb fit, finish and appearance, as well as rock-solid reliability. Continental builds every VDO gauge with the same precision and quality as the OE instrumentation it delivers to OEMs worldwide.

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