With the move to 1987 & earlier vehicles this season, Goodguys events around the country will get a fresh and exciting infusion of next generation cars and trucks – some of which will be modified as extensively as some of the pre-’73 cars are.

Not only will the show & shine have fresh vehicles to check out, Goodguys AutoCross will get a heavy dose of C3 & C4 Corvettes, 3rd gen Camaros, Fox Mustangs and C-10 trucks among other next gen machines. The 1973-1987 cars and trucks will fold right into the AutoCross program.

Goodguys AutoCross, C4 CorvetteThe Goodguys Pro class, Street Machine and Truck class will now be open to cars and trucks through 1987 vintage spicing things up. The complete 2018 Goodguys AutoCross rules package is laid out for you right here and will answer the majority of your questions.

During the All American Sunday portion of Goodguys National events and AutoCross, the 1987 & earlier machines will share the track with later model American powered cars and trucks (1988-2018). This All American Sunday program has been active for the last five years and has provided great competition among modern muscle cars.

Along with this new eligibility comes more participants, different and fresh machines and a chance for the next generation to get involved in Goodguys events and our AutoCross program!