The Tri-Five Chevy has been a staple at car shows and on America’s highways since its inception back in ’55 and its popularity continues. Developments like fuel injection, higher horsepower engines, the introduction of the Nomad, and the trademark tailfins on the ‘57s made these classics revolutionary in their day and have spawned a cult following over the last sixty years.
Today at Goodguys events, not much has changed. We see lots of Tri-Fives, but what’s different is the style in which they are built. Yes, we see lots of cool, originally equipped and stock-looking 210s, Bel Airs, and Nomads — they’re just in the minority. Many of the Tri-Fives we see today have received the “hot rod” treatment in one way or another. Be it a slammed ’55 with an old skool matte black paint job, a ’56 with a Hemi, cast wheels and cheater slicks, or a full custom 1957 Bel Air with modern suspension and amenities, they run the gamut of style and attitude.
In fact, we had over 2,845 join us at one or more Goodguys events across the country in 2016. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Bel Air in 2017, here are 20 of our favorites.

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