How do I change my mailing address?

Please call us at 925.838.9876 or email us at info@good-guys.com. Please include your Goodguys Memberships # in your message.

What is a Rodders Rep and how do I become one?

Goodguys Rodder Rep volunteers are the eyes, ears and voice of Goodguys all across the country. They hand out Goodguys information in their area and help out with events. To learn more or to become a Rodders Rep, call Bill Goodwill at (813) 659-0596.

How do I win one those great Giveaway cars?

There are three ways.
1) Become a Goodguys member and your name is automatically entered into the drawing.

2) Participate in any of the Goodguys Show ‘n Shine events and place your Sunday Lucky Ticket in the barrel on Sunday after 1:30pm. At the end of the 2:22pm award ceremony, we will draw one lucky winner from that event to become a qualifier for the giveaway car. YOU MUST BE PRESENT AT THE TIME OF THE DRAWING TO QUALIFY!

3) Enter online at www.good-guys.com under the Promo navigation tab.

What is Goodguys?

Goodguys is the world’s largest rodding association with nearly 70,000 members. We provide the world’s best rod and custom events all across the country and offer an industry leading full-color, large-format (10.5”x12.5”), 200+ page monthly magazine.


If we buy something from one of the vendors and it is a large item, how do we pick up the time and get it to our car?

You will need to wait until the end of the event day to drive in and pick it up.

Is there a charge for spectator parking?

That varies by event. You will need to check the specific event page for the event you are asking about.

Can I bring pets to the event?

No, we ask that you don’t bring pets or animals of any type to the event.

Are there ATM’s on site?

That varies by facility.

What is the policy if it rains?

Our events are rain or shine.

Is there a special line at the gates for me if I purchase my tickets online?

If you have purchased your tickets online you can bring them to the gate without waiting in line.

Where can I purchase a weekend pass?

You can purchase a weekend pass at the gate when you enter the event.

Are there wheelchair or handicap scooters available for rent at the events?

Event Scooters will provide the scooter rental service for select events. You can make reservations by calling 567-674-8729 or log onto the web at www.eventscooters.com

Can I bring a cooler into the event?

Yes, but we ask that you don’t bring in any glass, bottles or cans.

Can I bring my bike to get around at the event?

No, we don’t allow bikes, skateboards or rollerblades at the events.

RV Parking- location, price, services offered and how to register for space.

Each event is different. Check the Event Details section of the website or refer to the registration form for that event.

Where is trailer parking? Is it paved, is it secured and are there specific hours of access?

You can visit our website under the event details section. There you will find a detailed map for location of trailer parking and details specific to that event.

Can I leave my car on grounds overnight?

We do not provide security for cars left on facility grounds therefore no cars are allowed to stay overnight.

How many people are allowed into the event with my registered vehicle?

2 adults and any children under 16 years of age are allowed in with your registered vehicle.

How do I win an award? How are the cars judged and who judges them?

First of all, don’t come to a Goodguys event looking for an award; come to have a good time and have fun! We do not have “judges.” Selections are made by Goodguys staff, venue staff, members of the media, select hot rod builders, sponsors, etc. If you end up being selected, you’ll be asked to park in the Winners Circle on Sunday and to participate in the Award Ceremony. If you don’t get an award, don’t worry about it, hot rodding is not about awards, it’s about hanging out with friends and cars.

How do I get my car into a Goodguys event?

Simple, just head over to our Registration area of the site, or call (925) 838-9876 for a registration form.

Why is 1972 your cut-off for cars?

For the most part it is a space issue. Space at all of our events is limited and therefore our venues can only accommodate so many cars. Also, 1972 is viewed by many as the end of the Muscle Car era, and ’72 and earlier models are more easily recognizable.

Do you park certain cars in certain areas? What are "special parking areas"?

Yes, we do have special parking areas at select events. They vary by event, but may include areas like: Builder's Choice Awards, Trick Truck, Homebuilt Heaven, Mighty Muscle, Ya Gotta Drive 'Em, etc. Locations vary by event too - check with Goodguys staff when you enter or just follow the signs.


Do you still sell my favorite Goodguys item?

All items for sale are pictured in the Goodguys store.  We do typically change out products and or logos each year and some of your favorite items might be discontinued. Check the sale section and if you do not see the item pictured anywhere it is no longer available.  Also keep checking back to Goodguys Online store, products change throughout the year and you don’t want to miss new items or great sales on older items!

Where is my merchandise order and when will it arrive?

All orders are processed and shipped 8-10 business days from the date of the order. If it has been longer than that, please call (925) 838-9876 x182 or email merchandise@good-guys.com. If we have difficulty processing an order, we will contact you by phone or through email.

What are Goodguys U.S. shipping policies?

Merchandise orders usually ship within 3-5 Business days from when the order was placed. Your order will ship via UPS or USPS Priority mail depending on the size and destination of the package. All orders are shipped from California. Transit time is 2-7 business days depending on your location.

Click to view shipping rates

What are Goodguys International shipping policies?

Merchandise orders usually ship within 3-5 Business days from when the order was placed. Your order will ship via USPS Priority mail International. Transit time is 6-10 business days depending on your location.

Click to view shipping rates

What is the Goodguys merchandise Refund/Exchange policy?

Goodguys will return/exchange any product purchased within 60 days from the date of purchase that has not been washed or worn! Used merchandise will not be accepted for return/exchange.

How do I proceed with a refund?

Ship the item back to: Goodguys Rod & Custom Association Attention: Merchandise Department 1071 Serpentine Lane Pleasanton CA 94566 Please enclose a letter (or packing list) inside the package stating why you are returning the item. All online purchases, your refund will be credited to the card used to make the purchase within 3-5 business days from when we receive the return. All items returned from event purchases for a refund will be handled case by case. Please call 925-838-9876 x182 for further instructions.

How do I proceed with an exchange?

Ship the item back to:
Goodguys Rod & Custom Association
Attention: Merchandise Department
1071 Serpentine Lane
Pleasanton CA 94566

Please enclose a letter inside the package stating what you are exchanging the item for as well as your name, return address and phone number. Please note that all sizes/colors might not be available on sale items or past event items. To check availability please call 925-838-9876 x182. Enclose inside the package $7.00 for return shipping. We accept Visa/MasterCard, Checks, or money orders.

How can I purchase event specific items?

Prior to any Goodguys event we sell white event t-shirts and event metal signs through our online store. These items are removed from the online store two weeks PRIOR to the event date. All event inventory is then shipped to the event and no longer available online. At events we offer colored t-shirts, ladies shirts, kids t-shirts, henleys, golf shirts etc. Product assortment varies from event to event. Not all items are available at every event.

Event products will be placed back online after the event occurs depending on stock and availability.

How can I purchase single copies of the Gazette?

You can order single copies of the Goodguys gazette through the merchandise department. All available gazettes are for sale in the online store.  Click here to purchase 

You can also call in your order to 925-838-9876 x182. Each gazette is $8.00 plus shipping and handling.

How can I ensure my purchase will arrive in time for Christmas?

All orders must be placed at least 8 business days prior to December 25th in order to receive delivery in time for Christmas. 


How do I get my car in the magazine?

Of course you need to attend a Goodguys event and completely fill out your window sticker. We use that to gather information: if it’s blank - no photo in the Gazette.

Replacement Policy

All claims to missing issues must be made within 45 days of the Goodguys Goodtimes Gazette magazine publication date (45 days begins on the 1st day of the month of shipment).

To claim a missing issue, please contact the Goodguys Membership Services Department at (925) 838-9876 or e-mail info@good-guys.com. You must have been a member/subscriber during the month of the desired replacement copy.

Once your account information has been verified and it is determined that you are entitled to that issue, you can choose to either extend your existing subscription by one month, or, if you prefer, we will ship you a complimentary copy of the missed issue.

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association can only extend membership two times for any one member or subscriber in the same calendar year. Goodguys Rod & Custom Association cannot take responsibility for the reliability of any country’s postal system.

Any missing issue which does not fall under the guidelines above may be purchased as a “Back Issue” from our merchandise Department for $8.00 plus shipping and handling.

How do I purchase extra copies of the Gazette?

You can order extra copies of the Goodguys gazette through the merchandise department. All available gazettes are for sale in the online store.  Click here to purchase 

You can also call in your order to 925-838-9876 x182. Each gazette is $8.00 plus shipping and handling.

Digital Gazette

Can I view older digital issues?

Yes. Once you log into to the Digital Gazette, you can click on the "folder" icon at the top of the screen. This will open up a window with all past issues (dating back to 5/12).

The print is too small. Can I enlarge it?

Yes, by clicking anywhere on the page you can zoom into the page. 

Why don't I receive the Digital Gazette notice in my e-mail anymore?

There are no more monthly e-mail notices that the new digital gazette is ready. Now, instead of waiting for an e-mail with a new link and password on the 5th of every month to access the Digital Gazette, you can just view it directly online by clicking here anytime you like!

The new digital gazette will automatically be available on the 1st of every month. 

This link is also accessible on our website on the top right part of the screen on the button that says "Read The Latest Digital Gazette Online"

Because this is a new Digital system you will have to quickly enter your contact information so you can access the Gazette anytime in the future. All existing and new members have to do this but it is very quick. You must confirm your registration via the link in an e-mail you receive after signing up the first time!

I get a blank screen. Now what?

This may be for a few reasons:

Why do I get a Password Invalid error?

This may be for a few reasons: 

  • You are using an old password. When the new Digital Gazette notice goes out on the 5th of the month to all subscribers, the previous link and password are no longer valid. You must use the newest link and password information each month. 
  • Your caps lock is on. The passwords are always lowercase and never include numbers.
  • Mistyping the password. We do our best to choose passwords with letters that are not possibly interchangeable with like letters. Ex i's and l's
  • Copy & Pasting. If you copy & paste you may be copy with an extra space included. Also, some browsers reject copy & paste for password fields. Try typing it in. 
  • Browser Cache. If your browser stores login information for you, it may be trying to refer to the previous month's info. Clear your browser cache. NOTE - Because there are various browsers we suggest you Google "How To Clear (YOUR BROWSER) Browser Cache" if you do not know how to do this. 


Does the Digital Gazette work on Apple products (iPad, iPhone)

Yes! The Digital Gazette is now available on a digital platform that supports all mobile / tablet devices. In October 2012 we changed over from our original "flash based" platform to a new platform that supports Apple and other popular mobile devices. 

Who receives the Digital Gazette?

Gold and Silver members receive the digital gazette as apart of their membership. Junior members can sign-up for free and receive Digital Gazette access. 

To learn more about the Goodguys memberships - click here

To view / sign-up for the Digital Gazette - click here

When is newest the Digital Gazette published?

The Digital Gazette is automatically published on the 1st of every month


How do I become a Goodguys member?

Just follow the steps in the Join section of the website or call (925) 838-9876

What will I receive as a Member of Goodguys?

Gold Membership - Receive 12 monthly issues of the Goodtimes Gazette via Mail, Plus Access to the Digital Gazette at good-guys.com and a Membership Card & Decal. ($35/yr US, $85/yr Canada & Mexico, $120/yr Overseas)

Digital Membership - Receive Access to the DIGITAL Goodtime Gazette at good-guys.com and a Membership Card & Decal. (Doesn’t include hard copy of the Gazette) ($20/yr)


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