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We're more than just events

Our world class events are at the core of what we do but there’s also a world we build around the events that makes the Goodguys a truly one-of-a-kind association.

Our two and three day events are flanked with Poker Runs, kick-off parties, and shop tours. Every event has its own special character that embraces the local culture and color. We’ve grown our AutoCross into a fan favorite and the Friday Night Vintage Drags are growing in popularity each year. 


Goodguys AutoCross


The fast paced, tire screeching Goodguys AutoCross is a fan favorite. Each year the AutoCross expands into new Goodguys events and each year we have to put out more stands. Goodguys members can take the track, putting their vehicle and driving skills to the test or sit back and watch the new pro-class division compete for the year end bragging rights. Racers can compete for a spot and championship trophy in the season-ending "Duel in the Desert" AutoCross finals shootout in Scottsdale, AZ

Friday Night Vintage Drags


Born from the first Jim Davis Memorial/Brent Davis Benefit Nostalgia Drags created by founder Gary “Goodguy” Meadors, the Goodguys Friday Night Vintage Drags continue to grow with four annual events providing high speed and high octane entertainment on the kick-off night of select events.

Road Tours


The Goodguys mantra “You Gotta Drive’em" is more alive than ever with our annual Road Tours. Each tour brings together old friends and introduces new rodders to the cruising life. 










The backbone of the Goodguys membership is the award-winning Goodtimes Gazette. This monthly 220+ page magazine features the rides and event life of all of our events. Each month broadens the Hot Rodding world with Hot Rod history, award winner features, parts in review, how-to’s, interviews, and exclusive features covered all year long.


Goodtimes Gazette


Our award winning Hot Rod magazine filled with 220+ pages of pure hot rod heaven. Event coverage, articles, news, special features, and more.

Digital Gazette


Read the Gazette anywhere on your phone or tablet. You can even download each issue for offline reading.



A daily dose of Gazette current features, past articles, event highlights and industry news.