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This Month's Event Coverage

Goodguys Nationals 15th Goodguys PPG Nationals
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Shop Tour: Poor Boys Hot Rods

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This Month's Featured Picks

PPG Dream Car - Goodguys Nationals
1956 Chevy Pickup | Bob Kongelka

PPG Dream Car - Goodguys Nationals
1947 Ford COE | David Bronza

Goodguys Street Rod of the Year

Street Rod Winner

There is a certain magic that surrounds some cars, especially within the realm of hot rodding. There is an intangible essence - a component that you can’t buy or build into a car on purpose. One that radiates through the sheetmetal and wiring no matter how nicely finished or even completed the car is. In the music world it’s called the “it factor” and is a combination of elements that when applied to another base just wouldn’t have the same effect. In hot rodding it is sometimes referred to as “soul,” and it is usually a direct result of genuine happiness and enthusiasm for a car.

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Goodguys Street Machine of the Year

Street Machine of the Year

As a builder, winning the Street Rod of the Year award is a big deal. In 2012 the Ring Brothers won it for their third time with a 1965 Mustang called “Producer.” Their second win was in 2009 with “Reactor,” a ’67 Mustang, and their first victory just behind that in 2008 with their ground breaking 1969 Camaro called “Razor.” The brothers are part of a small group of people who can radically update an old car inside and out while not disturbing the car’s identity or heritage.

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