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Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of The '69 Camaro


Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of The '69 Camaro


America’s favorite car is coming to America’s favorite car show!

Goodguys is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of ’69 with a massive display of historic, significant, and flat-out cool ’69 Camaro's at the 22nd PPG Nationals, July 12-14 in Columbus, Ohio!

Come commemorate five generations of American muscle car history with us and check out a huge indoor display with the largest assembly of significant ’69 Camaro's anywhere. More than 130 ’69 Camaro's are already confirmed to be part of this massive birthday celebration!

A Who's Who Of F-Bodies

The guest list for this 50th birthday bash is staggering! From rare survivors and restored originals, to influential street machines and race cars, the display inside Kasich Hall at the Ohio Expo Center is going to be epic. A few of the high-profile ’69 Camaro's already confirmed include:

Dan and RJ Gottlieb’s “Big Red”

Stuart Adams’ “Tux”
2018 Goodguys Street Machine of the Year

Goodguys’ G/RS Camaro

Rare Yenko and COPO Camaros

Clayton Grahams' "Green Machine"

Jason Ayers & Mark Stielow "Red Devil"

Get Involved!

Have a ’69 Camaro you want to show off?

Join in the fun by registering for the event and bringing your car to the special outdoor ’69 Camaro parking area that will be set up just outside Kasich Hall. It’s sure to be a spectacular sight!

This is the summer you’ve been waiting for!

Start making your plans now to get to the 22nd PPG Nationals so you can be part of the fun-filled Goodguys Summer of ’69!

1969 Fun

Original 1969 Camaro TV Commercials


#1: January 20
Richard Nixon is sworn in as the 37th President of the United States.

#2: January 30
The Beatles give their last public performance, of several tracks on the roof of Apple Records, in London.

#3: June 3
The last episode of Star Trek airs on NBC.

#4: July 20
American Astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon.

#5: August 15-18
The Woodstock Music Festival takes place near Bethel, NY. Claims of up to one million people came; it was more likely half that number, still an incredible amount of people!

#6: September 2
Chemical Bank installed the first automatic teller machine in the United States, in Rockville Centre, New York.

#7: September 26
The first episode of The Brady Bunch airs on ABC.

#8: November 10
Sesame Street premiered on the NET (Later PBS) network.

#9: November 15
Wendy’s Hamburgers was founded by Dave Thomas in Columbus, Ohio.

#10: December 5
The internet (known then as the ARPANET) was invented.


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